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August 21, 2018
November 10, 2018

To promote your property, you will need to have a few choice photographs. Before whipping out the camera, still, you need to provide some thought to the process. Also, question such as why pictures for your listing are Important must be solved.

One of the significant and essential things that will set your home high above others is quality photographs. When a home buyer is searching in MLS, on the internet or by other means, photos call their attention. Is this a fact? Well, yes and no.

Except you are talking to a lawyer or psychiatrist, words are usually cheap. Indeed, the real estate industry has its lexicon of the language that doesn’t mean what they say and is the basis for some snide remarks. A good example “cozy” home is a real estate style for describing the property as SMALL! The question here is how small are we talking about? This is why photographs are fundamental to your marketing efforts.

In the view of most buyers, the preliminary proof in the pudding is in photographs. Approximately, nobody believes any of the adjectives used in real estate promotion. Honestly, the words could mean anything. Just like a dating site, but, photographs tend to shed a more objective light on the homes. Unlike a dating site, a property does not tend to dramatically grow old over five years, change hair color, or go bald and gain some unwanted pounds. In a practical sense, buyers don’t believe your vocabulary but do believe and trust your photographs.

If you give a few thought to what I just established above, you will understand that I am suggesting that most buyers presume you will lie about your property in marketing them. Don’t take it personally its normal. Buyers don’t know you, so why should they believe you? Frankly speaking, they should not. You can use this distrust to your benefit.

You would be amazed if you know how many people put little or no attempt into the photographs of their property. As an old commercial slogan said, “Image is everything.” A shallow declaration, but factual. Your pictures symbolize the first curb appeal impression your buyers will get of your property.

This means you need to consider engaging a professional photographer to take your photographs actively. They understand the concept of lighting, angles, editing and so on. It may seem like an unnecessary expenditure; surely it can be the difference between a sale and sitting on the market for months.

Paul Maynard
Paul Maynard
Colorful Virtual Tours is a Denver, Colorado real estate media company offering stunning photography, aerial photography, videography, and revolutionary iGUIDE® 360 Virtual Tour technology. Colorful Virtual Tours services the Denver, Summit County, and Vail Valley markets. I've been in the photography industry for over 30 years and a Realtor in this time as well. Delivering high-quality media is a mission for Colorful Virtual Tours as it serves all those in the sale or rental of a property. We believe in delivering high-quality images within a 24 hour period or less. This helps our clients show their clients you are a professional and have your clients best needs in mind. Paul Maynard from Colorful Colorado

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