COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Covid-19 Acknowledgement Form
I may cancel and/or reschedule the photoshoot upon arrival if any parties are showing ANY kind of sickness.
During photoshoots, Realtors and Homeowners must acknowledge the following. If anyone is sick, COVID-19, COMMON COLD, ETC. (including your children), coughing, sneezing, and/or not feeling well. Please reschedule your photoshoot prior to arrival to reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19, Flu, and the Common Cold.
All persons will remove themselves from the property and/or be on a different floor to allow the photographer to properly create marketable images and keep the public safe from spreading any type of sickness.
Even though I am wearing a fresh pair of surgical gloves, I will not touch or move anything inside of the property for everyone's safety.
It is your responsibility to turn on anything with a light bulb, open blinds, turn off ceiling fans/computers/TVs, hide garbage cans, Kleenex boxes, all interior doors open, shovel driveways, shovel patios, shovel stairs, pick up dog poop, and ensure all personal items are put away prior to my arrival.
My main concern is to keep you, your family, and my family healthy & safe.
I acknowledge and understand the information above is true and accurate on the day of my photoshoot. I also acknowledge the photographer may cancel and/or reschedule onsite if any party shows signs of sickness.