About Us

About Us


Real Estate Photographer – Drone Pilot – Aerial Photographer – Commercial & Residential Property Photography

30+ years as a photographer, a Realtor in my past life, and FAA Certified Drone Pilot!

I’ve been a photographer since my Senior year in High School. I’ve made a living with my camera for 30 years. Yes, I’ve worked in different professions which have served me well in my photography career.

I broke my neck when I was 21 years old and at the very least should be a quadriplegic. This experience has made me look at the world in a different light. The glass is always full, it’s always sunny, and EVERYTHING is possible.

I live my life with passion and love to share with others my knowledge of photography. I also love to share my passion on how to build a business, and how to manage your mind when life challenges you.

I believe that my life experiences can help you and your business grow. But, how to have success in life as well.

Paul Maynard from Colorful Colorado