Health Acknowledgement Form

Health Acknowledgement Form
I may cancel and/or reschedule the photoshoot upon arrival if any parties are showing ANY kind of sickness.
I am a former Realtor and have photographed over 4,000+ properties. The check list will help me help you create the best marketable images to sell your home.
I will need to be on a floor by myself to avoid shadows, and reflections. This also helps me stay focused in my workflow. I photograph a home with a Buyer in mind and want to show how rooms flow with each other. So, it's important to know, we can't be moving stuff out of the way while I am photographing your home. Please have everything totally ready when I arrive. Thank you.
If you have pets on the property (dogs, cats, birds, snakes) please let me know. Also, all pets need to be out of sight (garage is the best place as I don't photograph garages). If you put them in the backyard, they will want to stand by the sliding glass door and watch me and we don't want them in the images.
It is your responsibility to turn on anything with a light bulb, open blinds, turn off ceiling fans/computers/TVs, hide garbage cans, Kleenex boxes, all interior doors open, shovel driveways, shovel patios, shovel stairs, pick up dog poop, and ensure all personal items are put away prior to my arrival.
My main concern is to keep you, your family, and my family healthy & safe. If you are sick in anyway, please reschedule. I am sure you wouldn't want me entering your home if I had a cold. Thank you.
I acknowledge and understand the information above is true and accurate on the day of my photoshoot. I also acknowledge the photographer may cancel and/or reschedule onsite if any party shows signs of sickness.