Cell Phone Camera vs Professional Camera

Professional Real Estate Photography will help you sell your properties faster, will show your clients you are serious about being a Realtor, and gain more Real Estate clients.

The image on the left was shot with a cell phone, and the image on the right was shot with a Professional Real Estate Photography set up.  Can you see the difference? Doesn’t the image of the right make the room look larger than the image on the left?  Can you see how the image on the right shows how you can really show how the rooms flow with each other?

We all like saving money in any way we can.  When it comes to Real Estate Photography, you are losing money and doing a disservice to your current clients.  Also, your future clients may not take you seriously with the unprofessional images from your past listings.

Please consider a few of these statements when it comes to not using a professional photographer.

  • If the verticle and/or horizontal lines don’t match up, potential clients looking these images are going to feel there is something wrong with the property.

  • If your images are dark, your clients are not going to click on your real estate property listing.

Consider what you do when you are researching properties or anything you are considering purchasing a product or service.  If the image is dark, do you click on the image to learn more?  Probably not.

Most Real Estate Photography is shot as HDR (High Dynamic Range) images to make your properties look their best.  With HDR, Real Estate Photographers shoot 5 exposures of each room, which captures the darkest shadows, to the highest highlights.  Then we combine the images and voila, you have the best marketable image without having to lug in studio lights, light stands, etc.

Please consider investing in your business when it comes to Real Estate Photography.  Whether it’s a Residential, Commercial, VRBO, or Airbnb property.  Professional photography is going to separate you from those who are trying to save a buck.

P.S. I’d love the opportunity to earn your business.  I’ve been a photographer for 32 years, I was a Realtor in my past life, and have a deep passion for helping you with your business.  Please leave a comment, call (303) 434-0822, or CLICK HERE to order a Real Estate Photography shoot.

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