How to hire a Real Estate Photographer

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Being a Realtor (in my past life) and Real Estate Photographer over the last 30 years, I know how important good images are in a marketplace with almost 90% of Buyers are online. The internet has given power to Buyers and Sellers with lots of information that some people believe that the days of the Real Estate Agent are almost over. But I think that agent’s role in assisting people buying and selling homes is merely evolving rather than diminishing altogether. Despite our future, one area that each listing agent should attend to now is the quality of the media they use to promote homes and draw buyers. Therefore, here we discuss the prerequisites for hiring a great photographer.

Regardless of cameras, what is important is the ability to communicate “the look” you are after and then be able to ask the correct questions to discern if your prospective photos can deliver.

The following are a few questions you might ask to discover valuable in your information gathering stage before you finally hire your photographer:

Does your equipment capable of capturing a scene in the 16-24mm dynamic focal length range? Though the effective focal length will differ depending on the camera. Ensure the photographer is equipped to shoot anywhere close to this range. It is imperative that the photographer not only can shoot ultra wide but also know how and when to use it.

Do you do post processing or digital editing to optimize the images? All photos have the potential to be far better than what came right out of the camera. In some situation, fantastically better. Whether or not you decide to make it so is your responsibility in whom you choose to hire. Just know that been skillful in this area of digital photography is a real game changer.

Do you capture them “As-Is” or you “Stage” the scenes? Taking the time Staging is a tedious and severe element to getting the best promising image. Either full-blown home staging or just minor decluttering, ability to stage a photo allows photograph reach new potential.

Do you incorporate a website or virtual tour in addition to the images? Some photographers include a turn-key custom website and virtual tour linkage that displays your photographs in a Hi-Def Photo gallery and Slideshow format. These sites can function as a virtual tour link for the MLS also as a single property website containing all the key information about the property. If you are in need of a whole online marketing package, as contrasting to just pictures, this is the best solution.

There is much more to Real Estate photograph than ultra wide-angle shots. Lifestyle images, Twilight and Dusk images, Time-Lapse, Panoramas, Creative Light Painting, Pole Aerial, or Photography. Professional photography services can render some or all of those in addition to just images.

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